Early Career Teachers’ Professional Agency Across Four European countries   – Key for Sustainable Educational Change?

2018 – 2022, Academy of Finland

The study aims to gain better understanding on the imperatives of active and intentional early career in-service teacher learning by exploring early-career in-service teachers’ professional agency and its’ regulators across the four European countries (Finland, Sweden, UK and the Netherlands) providing different types of environments for early career teacher learning. The project will provide new knowledge on

A) the dynamics of early career teachers’ sense of professional agency in the classroom and in the professional community, B) association between the teachers’ sense of professional agency, perceived working environment fit, experienced burnout and risk of attrition, C) differences/similarities on experienced agency, perceived fit, burnout and risk of attrition across the countries, D) on early career agency profiles across the countries and D) by providing validated cross-cultural instrument for exploring early career teachers’ sense of professional agency.

Both quantitative and qualitative comparative cross-sectional data will be gathered in the project(the sample of 400–500 teachers in every national context, N= 2000).

PI-group: Tiina Soini (UTA), Janne Pietarinen (UEF), Kirsi Pyhältö (OU, HU) & Auli Toom (HY)

Projects financial administration is placed in University of Tampere. The Project is scientifically led by the PI-group.

International collaborators: Jan Vermunt (Eindhoven University of Technology, NL), Douwe Beijaard (Eindhoven University of Technology, NL), Monique van der Hejden (Kempel University, NL), Riikka Hofmann (Cambridge University, UK), Peter Dudley (Cambridge University, UK), Arniika Kuusisto (Stockholm University, Sweden).

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