2022-2025 funded by STN, SA


SchoolWell presents high impact ground-breaking multidisciplinary research in children’s and youths’ comprehensive well-being and means to cultivate it, in school. We will apply a longitudinal nested multimethod interactive intervention research in vivo. Our project contributes to the scientific renewal in the field of well-being research and research-based solutions for proactively enhancing the comprehensive wellbeing 1) by scaling-up the research through building a novel comprehensive multidisciplinary framework, including physical, mental and socio-pedagogical dimensions of well-being, 2) by creating arsenal of measures for studying it, 3) by identifying the well-being equality gaps, and 4)  by creating effective means and supporting materials for enhancing comprehensive wellbeing, ingrained in basic socio-pedagogical practices of school.


PIs Kirsi Pyhältö (HY), Tiina Soini-Ikonen (TAU), Tommi Tolmunen (UEF), Janne Pietarinen (UEF), Timo Jaakkola (JYU), Tuija Tammelin (JAMK), Marko Kantomaa (OY) and Mika Niemelä (OY).

More information on the projects webpage: https://helsinki.fi/schoolwell