Principal investigators

Kirsi Pyhältö

Kirsi Pyhältö

PhD, professor, Centre for Research and Development of Higher Education, University of Helsinki and Faculty of Educational Sciences, University of Oulu

Janne Pietarinen

Janne Pietarinen

PhD, professor, Philosophical Faculty, University of Eastern Finland

Tiina Soini

Tiina Soini

PhD, research director, Faculty of Education and Culture, Tampere University and School of Applied Educational Science and Teacher Education, University of Eastern-Finland


In research project From Student Teacher to Experienced Teacher: Learning an Active Professional Agency PI-group is extended with PhD, professor Auli Toom, University of Helsinki.

Doctoral students and research interests


MA Lauri Heikonen (HU)

Early career teachers’ professional agency in the classroom -A key for active and skillful teacher learning

MA Marina Palmgren (HU)


Minority students’ school experiences

MA Emmi Saariaho-Räsänen (HU)

Active and emotional teacher learning: Student teachers’ self- and co-regulated learning during teacher studies

MA Sanna-Mari Salonen-Hakomäki (TAU)

National Core Curriculum Reform process as a step towards sustainable school development?

MA Lotta Tikkanen (HU)

Well-being in school development – co-regulation as a constructor of well-being

MA Sanna Väisänen (UEF)

Construction and regulation of student teachers’ well-being during the teacher education


MA Katja Patojoki (TAU)

Principals’ role as change leaders at the school level development work


MA Annika Palomäki (TAU)

Theory of change in Finnish school development – The local level perspective


MA Jenni Sullanmaa (HU)

Curriculum coherence and teachers’ professional agency in national curriculum reform



MA Rea Ahola (TAU)

Social support in comprehensive school – Students’ perspective

MA Katariina Räsänen (UEF)

Alanvaihdon harkinnan syyt ja ennustettavuus opettajan ammatissa


MA Pihla Rautanen  (TAU)

Relational social support system and study engagement in primary school


MA Roosa Yli-Pietilä (TAU)

Teacher learning in the classroom. Primary school teachers’ professional agency development during different phases of the career


Juliene Madureira Ferreira, PhD, Faculty of Education and Culture, TAU

Sanna Ulmanen, PhD, Faculty of Education and Culture, TAU

Kaisa Haverinen, MA, Philosophical Faculty, UEF

Henrika Anttila, PhD, Faculty of Educational Sciences, HU

Several graduate students and research assistants in universities of Helsinki, Tampere, Eastern Finland and Oulu.


National and international collaborators


Professor Mark Priestley (University of Stirling, UK)

Senior lecturer, Pro-dean Daniel Alvunger (Linnaeus University, Sweden)

Associate Professor Stavroula Philippou (University of Nicosia, Cyprus)

Associate Professor Nienke Nieveen (Technische Universiteit Eindhoven, the Netherlands)

PhD, Research Fellow Dominik Dvořák (Charles University, Czech Republic)

Professor Kathryn Hibbert (University of Western Ontario, Canada)

Associate Professor Claire Sinnema (University of Auckland, New Zealand)



Associate Professor Anneli Frelin (University of Gävle, Sweden)

University Lecturer Peter Dudley (University of Cambridge, UK)

University Lecturer Riikka Hofmann (University of Cambridge, UK)

Post doc Researcher Monique van der Heijden (De Kempel University Teacher Education College / Eindhoven University of Technology, the Netherlands)

Professor Jan Vermunt (University of Cambridge, UK)

Professor Douwe Beijaard (Technische Universiteit Eindhoven, the Netherlands)

Professor Auli Toom (University of Helsinki, Finland)


Professor Katariina Salmela-Aro (University of Helsinki, Finland)

Professor Divya Jindal-Snape (University of Dundee, UK)

Dr Linda Hargreaves PhD, Reader (University of Cambridge, UK)



Sanna Ulmanen, PhD (TAU)

Elsi Ahonen, PhD (HU)

Henrika Anttila, PhD (HU)

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