Postdoctoral researcher, Faculty of Educational Sciences, University of Helsinki

I am currently working on a research project named:

Trajectories of teachers’ active learning in transition from education to working life.

–The function of learning contexts’ social support for the emergence of active learning.

This post-doctoral study contributes to the field of research on teacher learning by taking a longitudinal cross-contextual stance on student teachers’ learning trajectories. In order to better understand teacher’s professional development and continuing learning, more knowledge is needed of the teachers’ learning trajectories in transition from education to working life, as well as the role of social support to the emergence of active learning given in these differing contexts.

The aim of the study is to

  1. a) Analyse teachers’ learning trajectories: describe how patterns of student teacher learning evolve in transition from teacher education to working life in schools.
  2. b) Elaborate the role of social support for active learning in teacher education and in working life.