Teachers’ Strategies Matter – Unknown Resource for Buffering School Differences in Student Learning and Well-being

2016 – 2020, Academy of Finland

The study focuses on exploring the complexity of transactional mechanisms between strategies used by the teachers, occupational well-being and student adjustment in terms of school-level differences. Moreover, it intends to add to previous research on the relationship between learning and well-being:

– by providing an understanding of the mechanism through which learning and well-being are interrelated
– by analysing the development of and key determinants for teachers’ and students’ well-being based on a large-scale, multilevel longitudinal empirical design
– by identifying the kinds of collective action strategies contributing to both students’ and teachers’ well-being at the school level
– by analysing the collective resources adopted in the school community for managing the external and internal stressors caused by low neighbourhood SES

PI-group: Janne Pietarinen (UEF), Kirsi Pyhältö (OU, HU) & Tiina Soini (TAU)

Projects financial administration is placed in University of Eastern Finland. The Project is scientifically led by the PI-group.